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The Corning Corelle Factory Outlet Store in Southworks is your best choice for the widest selection of Corning merchandise at Factory direct prices.

Visit our aisles and aisles for everyday and hard to find items.

Whether you are looking for a full set or just a single replacement lid to your favourite casserole, visit Southworks.

We won't be undersold and you won't be disappointed.

Corningware Corelle Outlet

Looking for great cookware for the perfect wedding gift?

Need a new set of dishes for home or cottage?

Do you need a great starter set of dinnerware for kids off to university?

Drop into Southworks Corning Factory Store today and leave loaded with everything you are looking for.

Every day at Southworks is a Corning Sale.

The Best Corning Brands at the Best Prices

The Southworks Corning outlet has all the great Corning brands, including Corelle, Corningware, French White, Visions, Pyrex and so much more.

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