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Southworks Antiques   (Tel: 519.740.0110)

Antiques, antiques and more antiques. There is no better way to describe Southworks Antiques. With our exceptional combination of Southworks Antiques, Framed Memories and Nostalgia, Southworks is always worth the trip for anyone interested in antiques, collectibles, sports memorabilia and everything vintage.

As the centrepiece of Southworks Outlet Mall, Southworks Antiques is just part of your unique shopping destination for antique lovers, bargain hunters and fashionistas. Plan your visit soon to find out what all the fuss is about.

Canada's Largest Antique Mall

If you have scoured antique shops, antique dealers and antique markets, you know the thrill of the hunt for that rare find. Now imagine more than 100 antique stores, in the heart of Ontario's Antique country, under one roof...indoors and climate controlled for your antiquing pleasure!

Set in a former 1800's limestone and timber foundry building described as "Canada's most beautifully restored retail space," even the building is a rare antique that's worth the visit. We are right in the heart of downtown Cambridge Ontario with plenty of free parking. It just takes one visit and you will fall in love with Southworks Antiques.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Make the trip to Southworks Antiques and roam 30,000 square feet of ancient artefacts, antique armchairs, antique armoires, antique art, antique beds, antique books, antique bottles, antique boxes, antique brass, antique cast iron, antique chairs, antique chests, antique china, antique clocks, antique coffee tables, antique desks, antique dining tables, antique dishes, antique dishware, antique dolls, antique engagement rings, antique firearms, antique fireplaces, antique furniture, antique glass, antique guns, antique hardware, antique jewellery, antique kitchen items, antique lamps, antique maps, antique mirrors, antique oil lamps, antique photos, antique pianos, antique pictures, antique pine, antique plates, antique porcelain, antique posters, antique pottery, antique prices, antique prints, antique radios, antique rings, antique rugs, antique sewing machines, antique sideboards, antique silver, antique Singer sewing machines, antique stoves, antique tables, antique tools, antique toys, antique tractors, antique trunks, antique vanity, antique wall clocks, antique watches, antique wood, art deco antiques, and everything vintage.

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